DNA Damage Control™

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DNA Damage Control™

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DNA Damage Control™
Broad Spectrum SPF 40]

Size: 2.5 fl oz / 74 ml
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Even the Smartest Can Get Smarter.

DNA Damage Control
Silc Sheer 2.0 | Broad Spectrum SPF 40 A Smarter, Brigter New Formulation

Complete photoprotection + a spectacular cosmetic finish on contact.

DNA Damage Control SmartSunscreens™ Meet the New FDA "Broad Spectrum" Standard

The U.S. FDA issued new guidelines mandating labeling instructions and formulas for broad spectrum sunscreens, effective June 2012.

In full compliance with these regulations, NEOVA® DNA Damage Control delivers superior protection, filtering out dangerous UVA and UVB rays and, when used in conjunction with other sun protection measures, reduces the risks of skin cancer and early skin aging.

Repeated Sun Exposure Lessens the
Skin’s Ability to Repair Itself

With each sun exposure, damaged DNA triggers a cascade of detect/respond events.

Studies have shown that repeated UV exposure:
+ Breaks down collagen
+ Impairs synthesis of new collagen
+ Causes DNA damage accumulation

DNA damage appears as wrinkles, discolorations and rough, dry skin. DNA Damage Control SmartSunscreens™ provide UV protection and repair visible signs of sun-induced DNA damage.

The Damaging Effects of UV Exposure

Freckles, age spots, spider veins on the face, rough and leathery skin, fine loose and dry skin, a blotchy complexion, actinic keratosis and skin cancer can all be attributed to sun exposure.

The signs of DNA damage must be repaired properly and quickly.

DNA Damage Control sunscreens protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays while breakthrough DNA repair technology with light-activated enzymes dramatically helps reduce the appearance of photo damage.