From Clogged Pores to Dryness, These Peel-Off Masks Are Satisfyingly Effective

There is something entirely gross but also satisfyingly amazing about any kind of beauty product you can peel from your skin. (I'm not wrong, am I?) Although it's definitely not glamorous to talk about, there is something about seeing what was in or on your skin suddenly not in or on your skin that makes a product pretty dang enthralling. And peel-off masks have to be at the very top of said product list. 

Of course, peel-off masks also fall into that slippery-slope category of beauty products that some experts deem entirely ineffective (aka strategic marketing gimmicks) while others deem them entirely fine and potentially beneficial. What truly matters are the formula, ingredients, and aggressiveness of the mask. As celebrity facialist Renée Rouleau points out in this blog post, certain "viral" peel-off masks can be far too intense for the skin barrier and will likely do more harm than good. (Putting charcoal and glue on your face is never a good idea, folks!)

That said, the best, high-quality peel-off masks on the market these days are formulated to be gentle and safe, offer great ingredients with lots of different skin perks, and if nothing else, help exfoliate the skin during the peel-off step. Plus, they're just plain fun to use. 

Since there are quite a few popular peel-off masks vying for your dead skin cells and hard-earned cash right now, we've selected our top 10 picks based on our personal experience and testing and hours spent combing through ratings and reviews (so you don't have to). Ahead, the 10 best peel-off masks to address your different skin concerns. Keep scrolling! 

Best for anti-aging:

NEOVA Serious Glypeel Peel-Off Mask

Pairs well with:

NEOVA Crème de la Copper

Copper is one of those sneaky ingredients that might not be as famous as certain vitamins or acids but do some serious work against fine lines, wrinkles, and faltering elasticity levels. This ultra-rich cream is filled with advanced copper peptides and other effective active botanicals to perk up, firm, and rejuvenate the look of aging skin. 

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