The Dark Side of the Sun

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Sun Damage Continues Hours After the Party’s Over

DNA mutations are the cause of melanoma and other skin cancers. These damaging mutations are known as cyclobutene pyrimidine dimer (CPD), which basically means that DNA bases join together, making it difficult for cells to copy DNA and replicate it correctly. 

Here’s something that may not be known, even by the most seasoned outdoorsperson: Skin damage occurs hours after sun exposure. A Yale Cancer Center study validates that CPDs continue to occur in cells for hours after being in the sun. Who knew? And what can we do about it? 

Consider this analogy: you microwave a baked potato for 8 minutes. After that, you take it out of the oven and let it sit for another 5 minutes while the vibrating molecules complete the cooking process. 

What can be done to stop your skin from “cooking” after it’s removed from sun?

Melanin: Friend or Foe?

Melanin gives skin its color. We’ve believed that people with a higher concentration of melanin pigments were protected from UV sunlight. Yale found that, instead, cells with melanin continue to generate CPDs hours after UV exposure while cells without melanin only generated CPDs while exposed to UV light.

Neova Responds

Neova tapped into their 20 years of DNA-based research to develop products that prevent the enzyme that creates CPDs for hours after the trip home from the beach. DNA Total Repair is at the core of a back-to-healthy regimen. You’ll know your damaged DNA is repaired on the inside when your skin glows on the outside from the reduction of visible signs of photodamage, including Discoloration, UV spots, texture, and wrinkles. It works for all skin tones, healing the CPDs brought on by your ex-friend melanin; before sun, during sun, and after sun.

If that wasn’t enough, stay tuned for After Sun Body Repair. This cream repairs much of the damage that ultraviolet radiation (UV) does to skin occurs hours after sun exposure. Damage to the cells that eventually shows up as lines, wrinkles, pigment spots and uneven skin tone with its DNA repair enzymes and an antioxidant complex. And, that’s a ray of hope…it actually is one of the newest preventive actions operating as  an “evening-after” sunscreen to block the energy transfer of excited cells.

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