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All that, I learned, is because NEOVA isn’t just standard skincare … sure, it’s a brand but it’s also a way of thinking  – it vests women with the power to keep their skin healthy and urges them to be best version of themselves.

So, for me, the Life-Changing, back-to-healthy revelation began with DNA Total Repair and DNA Damage Control SilcSheer – the most astonishing serum and sunscreen probably ever made. 

Because they actually heal DNA damaged by sunlight before, during and after sun exposure.

While the body has an enzyme repair system of its own to deal with damaged DNA, it is less effective with age.  Impaired by repeated events, the levels of repairing enzymes drop, repairs get less effective, and the wear and tear begins to add up. 

The amazing thing that NEOVA does is replicate the process with repairing enzymes, boost it, jumpstart it … DNA Total Repair, the most concentrated in the form of a serum, is perfect and used 2x a day is really pretty astounding. Pair it with DNA Damage Control SilcSheer (or Everyday) and it’s a heaven on earth protocol with complete protection and repair rolled into just 2 products.

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