What is an Activator?

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If we were asked “what skincare product are you most excited about now?”, we’d have to say Activators.

They’re penetrating, fluid concentrates -- different from serums --  that give an unheard-of edge to your skin and to every treatment product you use. The remarkable thing about them is the power they give to you: to customize your skincare routine. Drop-by-drop, their intensity increases and customization is perfected, every time they’re used.

Here’s the thing: there’s no exact rule to follow—just take notice to how your skin responds, and adjust as needed.


A two-in-one mighty retinol and antioxidant formula – whether on its own or blended with moisturizer – is maximized to fortify,  nourish and dramatically correct moderate discolorations, minimal to in-motion wrinkling and early tomild pigment changes.


A dynamic, first of its kind infusion designed to do everything better for skin and other treatment products. With patented DNA repair enzymes at its core, it’s a formula that empowers damaged cells to self-correct.Add moisture-binding hyaluronic acid of the smallest molecular size and hydration is at full speed.

So, use them:

  1. On their own right after cleansing and before any other product
  2. Added to serums, moisturizers, even makeup (just not sunscreens!)
  3. Blended with one another

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