Step Up Your Repair

Take the next step for a healthier skin!

“Where did THAT come from? It wasn’t there yesterday!”

I know I’ve looked in the mirror and said that myself. And I know it’s time to take the next step in repair and protection for my skin. I have the basics; now what do I do? Your skin care professional knows these tips:

1. Add (more) DNA repair enzymes: These amazing enzymes provide the skin with more of what it needs to repair UV damage and prevent further damage.

    This super-concentrated activator adds all three DNA repair enzymes to any serum, moisturizer or regimen. Your NEOVA moisturizers and sunscreens have DNA repair enzymes; boost them with this activator. And get the added benefit of hyaluronic acid for hydration and skin health. Two or three drops morning and evening makes a huge improvement in as little as 4 weeks.

    2. Add (more) retinol:Retinol, the gold standard correcting star, is a cell communicating ingredient. Boost this super skin-saver with a non-irritating formulation that shows results in as little as 2 weeks.

    Power RE Activator [Retinol + EGT]

    Retinol is essential to skin health. By attaching itself to a cell's receptor site, it's able to alter the way that the cell functions, telling it to perform optimally. And because it’s pure retinol, there’s no fear of irritation. Add 2-3 drops to your serum or moisturizer every day to see these benefits.