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NEOVA’s story began with a great conversation among 3 scientists at a research center. It was 1980, the copper peptide GHK had recently been discovered by one of them and research was showing that derivatives/analogues of the GHK peptide had potent anticancer activity via wound healing which involves the induction of cell growth – the target for anti-cancer compounds. In controlled studies, the GHK peptide was used as a control: with it, wounds healed faster and more completely. Serendipity!!!!

At the time, the wide-held discussion towards skin care was mainly about good genes. But our 3 scientists thought otherwise. Convinced by their belief that skincare products could improve skin wounded by environmental stressors, they set out to bring their philosophy to life.

Research and study provided the link they were looking for and the association of damaged DNA to premature skin aging and cancer was made. In 2010, after more than 20 years of discovery, DNA CoFactor – DNA repair and copper peptide combination technology – was introduced and NEOVA SmartSkincare was launched. It was the first ever scientist-created, second-chance-skin-giving, photodamage centered skincare ever marketed. And it remains so today.

NEOVA SmartSkincare. So Intelligent, it’s Patented.

It’s called Smart for a reason. And the United States Patent Office agrees. For the first time, a brand demonstrated it could treat, prevent and repair photodamaged skin. And for that hard work and its novel applications, NEOVA SmartSkincare with DNA CoFactor and DNA Damage Control Sunscreens were awarded a patent in 2016.

Our DNA Repair Enzymes Work Just The Way The Award Winners Do.

The coveted Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded in 2015 to 3 scientists who documented the different ways that cells fix damaged DNA. Working independently, they mapped the different mechanisms that create errors in DNA and showed how repairing enzymes at the molecular level help keep DNA in proper working order.

Mirroring those findings, NEOVA’s own pivotal research in DNA repair has produced novel delivery of these enzymes. Directly to the site of the damage with astonishing finesse, identifying errors, removing them, and replacing them before anything can go amiss.

Clearly, we have much to thank these three scientists for and “their systematic work providing knowledge about the molecular causes and the mechanisms behind both cancer development and aging”.


We do no animal testing, but are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

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