DNA Repair Dictionary

Cells naturally have DNA repair enzymes, which race to the rescue when damage repair is called for in the skin.

DNA Repair Enzymes : These natural DNA repair enzymes are of different kinds but a new class of ingredients—packing enzymes extracted from various natural sources (including one from a mustard seed, one from plankton and another, a type of bacteria called micrococcus leteus, not surprisingly also present in a whole naturally occurring immune serum that repairs damaged skin and powers Neova DNA CoFactor products) have been shown to supplement and bolster this DNA repair capacity, resulting in healthier skin.


Endosomes : A Liposome-encapsulated DNA Repair enzyme; extracted

from the marine microbe, Micrococcus Lysate. Extremely UVresistant,

the extract contains the enzyme UV-endonuclease which:

-  Intensifies the skin’s ability to repair sun inflicted DNA damage

-  Speeds the recovery reaction from sun damage

Mitosomes : A Liposome encapsulated DNA repair enzyme extracted from the

mustard plant, Arabidopsis thaliana:

- Recognizes and protects the cell’s genetic material from the most common form of oxidative

DNA damage

- Initiates the removal of oxidation in the cell’s nucleus and its energy generating mitochondria

Photolysomes :  A Liposome encapsulated DNA Repair enzyme extracted

from plankton, Photolyase:

- Reverses DNA damage in cells

-  Prevents cell death caused by UV light [powered by the energy from visible light]

- Immediately reverses UV-induced DNA damage when applied to skin, which is then sun or light exposed.


DNA CoFactor : The patented technology combining Copper Peptide Complex and DNA Repair Enzyme Science working independently to correct damage incurred by UV-exposure.


DNA Damage to Skin : While a perceived glow on the skin after sun exposure may be thought to be a sign of health, DNA damage is happening deep within the skin. The change in skin's color after a few moments in the sun may be visible, the DNA damage is invisible. These invisible events are dangerous because DNA damage is the direct link to skin cancers and to premature aging.


DNA Total Repair Serum : Delivers powerful, active DNA repair enzymes as small molecules in intense concentrations, allowing the serum to get through the skin with speed and efficiency to specifically target and visibly correct sun damage.


DNA Skin Repair : The bold, groundbreaking science that corrects and repairs the visible damage to skin DNA and cells.


Nobel Prize in Chemistry for DNA Repair Science :  Awarded in 2015 to 3 scientists for their work on DNA repair. They “mapped, at a molecular level, how cells repair damaged DNA and safeguard the genetic information”.  [Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm,

which awards the prize}. The three repair mechanisms recognized with the Nobel “are probably the three most important and now best understood mechanisms” in cell repair.


DNA Damage Control Sunscreens : The most advanced, patented sun protection in the world. Combining physical and inorganic blockers, two DNA repair enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins C +E, these sunscreens have been shown as superlative in peer-reviewed, clinical studies.



Photoaging :The condition of sun damaged skin, its visible – and invisible -- caused by unprotected exposure and absence of DNA repair intervention.


Photodamage :  The signs of damage to skin and its DNA caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

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