What Is Primary PhotoAging?

What Is Primary PhotoAging?

Primary PhotoAging or Early Stage PhotoAging.

PhotoAging—regardless of its stage -- occurs over years and it’s the exposure to the sun that causes it. It’s well known that excessive sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, but you may not know the extent to which sunlight can damage your skin, even without cancer development. This damage is known as photodamage.

And while it may not show outright effects right away, you can expect damages to surface years later because it produces an alteration in the DNA structure of the skin cells.

For its repair, we believe in a back-to-basics program. And, interestingly, the products that help repair skin are the same ones that should be used to prevent problems in the first place: sunscreen with DNA repair enzymes, daily doses of power antioxidants and twice-a-day moisturizers. Beyond the basics, Primary PhotoAging serums are worth their weight in gold for their ability to absorb into and penetrate deeper layers, making way for strong and more resilient skin.

For those with early stage photoAging, the damage will be seen as

  • Minimal to mild in- motion wrinkling, particularly near eyes + mouth
  • Early to Mild pigment changes
  • Few to moderate discolorations
  • No visible keratoses (rough, scaly patches)

The products for you to use daily are:

  1. Herbal Wash 2x a day
  2. Power Defense; Antioxidant serum after Cleansing
  3. Daily Moisture Relief; AM moisturizer
  4. Reformist Night Tx: PM moisturizer
  5. Illuminating Eye Serum
  6. SilcSheer 2.0 – Never go a day without it.

And those for you to use 2-3x a week are:

  • Intensive Retinol Spray, because it’s a leave-on exfoliant and gets rid of dead skin cells. Use it AM and PM after cleansing but before serum or moisturizer
  • Power RE Activator, a power serum wipes out free radicals. Use it on its own immediately after cleansing or mixed with Power Defense serum or moisturizer

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