It’s Official. L’ERGOTHIONEINE [EGT] is the One Antioxidant You Need.


When you hear about an ingredient like EGT that’s celebrated cosmetically and medically, you have to pay attention. Especially if it’s as powerful as an anti-photoager as it is a natural defense-booster. For starters, EGT is loaded with cell protectants against toxins, free radicals, and harmful substances which means it can fend off environmental stressors and offer up some serious anti-inflammatory properties. 

A little background: L-ergothioneine is an amino acid, a natural building block of cellular health, and we’re mad for its antioxidant fire power. Specifically, research suggests that it just may be the most powerful one ever studied and mapped to fend off free radical damage.* EGT functions as a “master antioxidant” in the body where it is carried across cell membranes and deposited right into cells to fight damage and death from oxidative stress and toxic free radicals.

Free radicals are a normal part of life. They are absorbed by cells and there, they’re oxidized. With repeated event, cells can't neutralize free radicals fast enough and they begin to accumulate and that leads to oxidative stress and that leads to cell death and damage. Not a good state of affairs since it is major contributor to premature aging, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

So if you want to Fight free radicals, enhance sun protection and curtail free radical formation, you’ll want to keep EGT close by and reach for DNA Damage Control Everyday, Silc Sheer 2.0 or Active Sunscreen, DNA Total Repair and/or Power RE Activator morning and night.


* ORAC [Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Score] USDA developed and accepted scientific measure of antioxidant potency for naturally occurring sources and extracts.