Pollution. The Silent Aggressor.

It’s unlikely we feel it happening. Somewhat surprising because pollutant damage doesn’t just sit on the surface of your skin, it can actually seep deep into it. Once there, it speeds up the deterioration of cells. And that, as we know all too well, is one of the major contributors to premature skin aging.

So, here’s what happens as cells break down: chronic inflammation sets in. Melanocytes go into overdrive and churn out excessive pigmentation. At the same time, the skin’s DNA systems are overwhelmed so natural repair slows down, collagen weakens and that means firmness hasn’t a chance.

Sounds a bit alarming but we’ll be using the power of antioxidant, DNA repair enzyme and copper peptide serums to stop the wounding.

When it comes to repairing the tiny tears we know pollutants cause to the skin’s barrier, we’ll be relying on hyaluronic acid to refill the hydrating pool and DNA repairing endosomes to prevent pollution particles from adhering to the skin’s surface.

Our top pollution protecting picks:

DNA Total Repair