Through Thick and Thin: Tricomin Clinical to the Rescue

Through Thick and Thin: Tricomin Clinical to the Rescue

Surprising as it may sound, the average age for women dealing with thinning, dull hair is 25 to 35. Unlike their male counterparts who lose patches of hair, women see a reduction in hair volume, not necessarily fewer strands but a shrinking of the diameter of them.

Fortunately, we’re in an age of technology and, because of it, we’ve crossed the hair-scalp-skin barrier into what we call the skinification of hair treatments. We’ve known for a good long while that just as skin ages, so too does hair — getting thinner, limper and more unruly with time. Which is why when we developed Tricomin Clinical, we used the science and technology discovered in our skincare research lab to press the rewind button for scalp and hair health.

That groundbreaking ingredient concept for damage recovery was based on large bodies of scientific evidence, physician observation and patient insights, and at the heart of it is Triamino Copper Complex – a novel peptide delivery system that gets copper and essential nutrients right to the scalp and strands to amp up stamina, boost hair health and revitalize its appearance. 

And, there’s more: a natural amino acid complex has been added so healthy scalp circulation is tended to and keratin  (a protein made up amino acids) is protected. With over 90% of hair strands made up of keratin, amino-acids are literally a must-have. We’re particularly fond of Arginine (a basic natural amino acid and building block of hair) for its ability to penetrate deeply into the scalp, fortify it from within and make the most of the hair you have.

In fact comparative studies have demonstrated that Arginine helps counteract damage from factors that weaken the hair shaft and create essential nutrient starvation. Those would include:

  • Hair coloring, relaxing, or perming which increases the porosity and weakens hair fibers – another cause of dull, lifeless, brittle strands prone to breakage
  • Heat styling which generates reactive oxygen species (ROS), damaging the hair and scalp, weakening hair fibers and speeding up the aging process of the hair and scalp.

The mighty amino acid, Arginine, is thankfully in the entire Tricomin Clinical system from DENSIFYING SHAMPOO to REINFORCING CONDITIONER to ENERGY SPRAY providing damage control every step of the way.



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