For the Love of Masks. The Skincare Ones.

For the Love of Masks. The Skincare Ones.

You won't find bigger fans of daily cleanse, treat and protect routines, than us. The reason, of course, is they work. What we love too is the way masks add a level of magic (and, yes, a bit of indulgence) for intensifying and boosting.

The magic of masks is pretty straightforward: the ingredients are in close contact with the skin and stay put longer. So the masks trap key performers under a sort of film revving up penetration in a relatively short amount of time. Whether it’s peptides, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid or vitamin C, the mask dose is more concentrated and the action of its work is intensified.

On the off chance you haven’t been introduced to the modern peel-off mask, here’s what you should know: it goes on like a gel and turns to a tangible film as it dries. It’s incredibly satisfying to remove and, with exfoliation, brightening and smoothing showing at once, it’s a winner. So when your skin shows stress and you need to clarify, reach for SERIOUS GLYPEEL. Its glycolic acid, botanical aloe, antioxidants and vitamin C take only about 10 minutes to work and you can use it as often as 2-3 times a week.

When you desperately need to detoxify and hydrate, it's rare to find an instantly-gratifying rinse-off mask. The exception to that is PURE COPPER MASK. It’s loaded with a Copper Peptide Complex.

Meet the mask that was my introduction to the peel-off world. With the help of lots of Copper Peptide Complex and hyaluronic acid, the long-term goals of this mask are to battle tell-tale signs of photoaging, calm aggravated skin and send dryness on its way. But right after removal, skin looks refreshed, glowing and smooth.

We’ve been told by thousands that these two power players saved their skins… care to add you name to the fan club?