The Evolution of NEOVA

Our work began in a lab in the Pacific Northwest and it was there that our scientists made an astounding discovery: the root cause of aging skin was photodamage to skin cells. And from that day forward, everything they did, they did to reverse the damage at its site and knew relief from the signs of damage would follow.

A Simple Fact:  The Sun delivers energy over a broad spectrum of wavelengths. Basically, there’s the visible light we see, infrared radiation we feel, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation we can’t see or feel. Most skin cancer—and up to 90% of the visible signs of aging—are caused by UVB (burning rays) and UVA (aging rays).

PhotoAging is a Symptom

The premature aging of skin caused by repeated exposure to UV radiation from the sun or artificial UV sources—such as tanning beds—is known as photoaging caused by photodamage and it’s not at all like chronological aging.

Simply put, the damaging effects of UV rays can actually alter the normal structures of the skin. While skin may repair many of the mutations caused by UV rays, sometimes the damage is too extensive and skin cells are unable to fully recover – when that is the state of affairs, mutations occur and the result is premature aging (and, in more advanced cases, even skin cancer).

Looking after the signs of skin aging is good. But for NEOVA, good isn’t good enough. In a single swipe, our formulas tend to more than the outward signs. That means they power through and get right to the site of the damage. And the correction continues as long as you faithfully use NEOVA. We can even look after the signs of past damage.

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