What Does Copper Have to do With My Scalp?


As it turns out, a lot. What we’re talking about is the power vested in Copper Peptide Complexes (AHK-Cu and GHK-Cu) for the regeneration of wounded, tired, worn-down scalp cells. How cells get that way isn’t all that surprising as we go through life but taking care of them along the way is surprisingly effortless.  And that’s where Copper Peptide Complexes come in.

Unlike the skin on other areas of the body, scalp skin is incredibly delicate, making it particularly sensitive to its care—or lack of it.  Until now, the focus of haircare has been either on hair loss or specific dermatological scalp diseases. But scalp and hair can’t be separated given their interdependent relationship.

So, here’s what you need to know: the scalp is an incubating environment. And though the scalp’s largely been ignored over the years, research and studies have shown just how important its health is. What’s also known is that the AHK-Cu peptide’s antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities keep everything in working order, strengthening, protecting and repairing scalp cells at the surface and just below it.

And that’s super important because studies prove that hair strands are impacted prior to their emergence from the scalp and if premature scalp cell wounding occurs, the damage to the strands shows as dullness from untamed and altered cuticles, pitting and shine reduction.

The beauty of all of this is in the science of Cause-and Effect: De-power the villains, revive the wounded cells and support cell functioning with AHK-Cu and strong strands will follow.

Fortunately, TRICOMIN CLINICAL DENSIFYING SHAMPOO, REINFORCING CONDITIONER and ENERGY SPRAY have you covered. And do the job without a doubt.