Still Talking Sunscreens? We Are Indeed. Now & Forever.

Still Talking Sunscreens? We Are Indeed. Now & Forever.

You’ve heard it over and over again: wear sunscreen every day no matter what. Even if you’re only exposed for minutes. It’s like brushing your teeth, the odd miss won’t come with dire consequences but not doing it all most certainly will.

It’s the same with sunscreen and what it does to keep incidental exposure under control. Though it seems harmless enough, incidental exposure is packed with UVA damage. It adds up quickly and that translates into a lot of exposure over a lifetime. And a lot of premature aging potential- unintended, of course, but avoidable. So, unless you’re in a hurry to come up against real and persistent threats to your skin health, don’t take any chances.

Multiple studies from places such as Australia and Japan have tracked the skin conditions of daily sunscreen users —despite the weather or daily activity —and those who used it only when it was particularly sunny outside.

What the investigators found: those who applied sunscreen every single day had skin that aged significantly slower — in fact, 24% less than those who didn’t and that long-term daily application of sunscreen was effective in suppressing actinic keratosis (precancerous lesions) progression and generation.

Of course, the sunscreen you choose is totally your call but before we go, you should know there’s good reason that NEOVA Damage Control Silc Sheer 2.0 SPF 40 is praised by dermatologists and adored by beauty editors. First, it’s an elegant formulation and doesn’t look or feel like you’re wearing sunscreen. By that we mean it looks and feels like you’re wearing a sheer, correcting primer. Its two light-diffusing ingredients cover imperfections on contact and leaves the skin with a gorgeous, ultra-fine glow – with or without makeup. Beyond that, Silc Sheer’s DNA repairing ingredients go to work instantly, it’s packed with antioxidants and because of it’s fragrance and oil free ingredients, there’s not a chance it won’t agree with your skin.