The Importance of Post-Procedure Care

If only….

An aesthetic treatment would be a walk-in-and-out and everything was in the hands of the practitioner. If you listen to what the miracle worker says, s/he will tell you, you’re a partner in the marvel of it all. What?

It’s true, of course, that the skill of the professional is big but the condition of your skin care before and how it’s look after each aesthetic treatment makes all the difference for the outcome.

Whatever the procedure is, most aesthetic treatments work by essentially delivering controlled damage to targeted issues -- whether it’s pigmented spots near the surface, lines and wrinkles a bit further down or loss of resiliency, how your skin reacts is dependent pre-and post-treatment skin care.  So, while you have every right to believe that the treatment will do the heavy lifting, it’s up to you to own the optimal results. And, you can do it easily enough if you read on….

While, it’s relatively new, dermatologists unanimously agree that preparedness of the skin significantly improves the patient experience and the outcome. For minimally invasive procedures, pre-treatment topicals include retinols (particularly one like non-irritating DUAL MATRIX, RETINOL + DNA REPAIR), hyper- moisturizers (like DAILY MOISTURE RESCUE with Copper Peptides and DNA Repair for day long hydration)  and, of course,  SILC SHEER 2.0  sunscreen with DNA repair.

Post-treatment, it’s Copper Peptides all the way. Here’s why: in a study 85% of patients reported significantly more personal satisfaction with post procedure results at 3 months compared to those who weren’t treated with Copper Peptide Complex, the master ingredient in, CU3 TISSUE REPAIR, CU3 RECOVERY LOTION and CU3 RECOVERY SPRAY --  all brilliant antidotes to

  • Quiet and soothe skin sensitivity
  • Reduce redness
  • Prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Reduce inflammation

We’re sure that your skin professional has told you that results for some treatments may continue to improve in the weeks or even months following your final treatment. We can tell you that while you’re looking forward to that day, get into the proper skin care fully. The results will be truly miraculous.