There is only one Genuine NEOVA.

Our SmartSkincare is sold only through authorized medical and skincare professional partners who have completed dedicated training and have received NEOVA certification.

Any other provider, online or in retail, is offering product that cannot be confirmed to be safe and effective. Ingredients and their concentrations, manufacturing standards, quality and formulas are considered suspect. Since these provider sources cannot be identified, NEOVA cannot confirm product integrity and warns that you may fall victim to counterfeits, expired and/or diluted formulas,  any of which puts you at risk for irritation, allergenic reaction and/or infection.

NEOVA is ever vigilant and monitors all possible channels of distribution through its policies of zero-tolerance. When our intelligence and surveillance sources uncover unauthorized providers we launch full scale investigations and take immediate cease-and-desist action – all in an effort to protect you and our brand integrity.

These websites listed below are a few retailers that sell authentic NEOVA products:

        • Amazon
        • Derm Store 
        • Exclusive Beauty Club
        • Beautified You
        • Derm Warehouse