Another Fall-Out of the Pandemic


If you’re finding more hair in your hair brush, on your clothes, going down the drain and everywhere you look, you’re not alone. Dermatologists tell us they are seeing an increase in patients panicked about hair loss.  They’re not talking about the direct results of having the virus, they’re talking about the fall-out of everything COVID-19 stress.

Experts think the phenomena is just one of the psychological effects of the pandemic. They say it’s called telogen effluvium or excessive hair shedding loss triggered by stressors on the body.

In “normal” times, hair has its own cycle: about 90% of our hair is growing, about 5% is resting and 5% is shedding.

When things go to the “abnormal” with a major stress event or shock, up to 50% of hairs can be shocked into the shedding phase. It could take up to two or three months after the shock-event for the shedding to start but it’s reassuring to know that most cases resolve within six months.

In the meantime, the experts say “treat your scalp with the same sort of care you do for your face”. It makes sense since the scalp is simply an extension of the skin on your forehead and your hair’s support system, so it makes sense to keep it clean and healthy.

Tricomin Clinical shares the same ingredient philosophy as our beloved NEOVA skincare. That means no suspect ingredients that may compromise the skin’s health and its integrity. Just Triamino Copper Complex, essential amino acids, minerals and botanicals to boost hair and scalp health.

First up, Densifying Shampoo and Reinforcing Conditioner, lightweight in texture and density, nourishes and leaves hair feeling clean, but not weighed down. Finish with liberal spritzes of Energy Spray for healthy doses of antioxidants and natural proteins and you’re good to go.

And before we go, you should know that we’re huge fans of silk pillowcases and turbans. They protect hair from unnecessary friction and tangling during sleep and won’t draw moisture away from skin and hair, so even if you’re a tosser-and-turner, you won’t wake to crazy bed-head mornings ever again.