Professional Peels: What They’re Really Good At

Let’s start with those impressive results. Often even after one treatment. Once the clearing away of dull surface cells starts, there’s no halting the improvement in fine lines, acne, discolorations and uneven tone. A fraction of the cost of the "flashier" options. 

But it’s not all about price. It’s about the way professional chemical peels work:  simply put, it’s chemical exfoliation that penetrates deeper in the skin and starts the top layer shedding. All that stimulates collagen and increases cellular turnover and voila!  new, fresh skin replaces the old.

Some may think Professional Peels are one of those old-is-new-again things. But make no mistake: NEOVA Pro Peels aren't re-treads. Formulas have been refined, and so have the way skin practitioners use them.  Now, the goal isn't as much to bring on visible peeling as it is to flood the skin with ingredients that diminish lines, build collagen, and improve tone. In other words, help skin make a radical comeback.

Part of that transformation is about the way peels work but it’s also about how they enable skin-care products to work better. As that topmost layer is cast away, signals are sent to the living cells below to multiply and move up, to increase collagen production, to make more hyaluronic acid just like in the old days. 

Our approach to professional peels is a bit out of the ordinary:  In everything we do, it’s always about returning skin to a healthy state. One of the best ways, we believe, is through regular resurfacing. By accelerating cell turnover and renewal rates, NEOVA peels call for frequency with just the right pH and concentrations to work but not push skin to severe inflammation and possible scarring.