Argireline. A peptide to Know About

So effective dermatologists say it’s as close as you can get to Botox. But no needles necessary.

Its official name is acetyl hexapeptide-3 (aka acetyl hexapeptide-8 -- one of those short chains amino acids that makes up the foundation for proteins including collagen and elastin. We have a particular fondness for peptides and this one differs from others because of its ability to reduce muscle movement and the wrinkles that come along with it.

Argireline works by affecting nerve-to-muscle communication so that the muscles don’t contract and while it is not a permanent paralytic, it is very specific in that it interferes with a protein receptor complex which produces muscle movement. When nerves don’t “talk” to the muscles telling them to contract, there are fewer muscle contractions and that translates to fewer obvious wrinkles.

For longer term effect, Argireline is known to optimize collagen function, which, along with those skin-smoothing effects, it improves moisture reservoirs. For all these reasons and for its delivery of brightening and hydrating actives, it’s a star performer in NEOVA SUPER EYE LIFT SERUM.

We are happy to say there are no known side effects of Argireline even for the most sensitive but still we put it to the test and easily passed our Ophthalmologists’ and Dermatologists’ approvals.