Inflammaging. What Everyone is Talking About.

Inflammaging: What Everyone is talking about. Have You Heard of It?

Essentially it’s a word that puts “inflammation” and “aging” into one and describes the scientific theory that chronic, low-grade inflammation leads to accelerated skin aging and disease.

Italian researchers came to the conclusion in 2000 that it begins with a complex network of molecular reactions that leads to proinflammatory reactions, causing excessive cellular stress, oxidation, and damage.

Not to mention accelerates wrinkle formation, age spot development and is an associated with compromised skin barrier function. So you can imagine there is a need to deactivate it so the skins’ biological repair system is not overwhelmed and chronic inflammation sets in.

While it’s hard to reverse, it can be prevented. Which, to our minds, is all the more reason to face it head-on…

Starting with the key influencer, the number one villain: the sun. If ever another reminder to use a daily sunscreen of least SPF 30, which contains titanium or zinc, is needed, this is it. One with DNA repair enzymes is even better. It’ll stop damage from becoming permanent and start the healing process on contact.

DNA Damage Control Sunscreens: SilcSheer Photo-Finish Tint SPF 40, Active Optimal Defense SPF 43, Everyday Facial Fluid SPF44

Next up: do something about pollutants and other environmental attackers. For those, antioxidant serums are the way to go. They’re the next line of prevention to neutralize free radicals and combat inflammation.

What we’re talking about:

Power Defense, the power-packed antioxidant serum with Copper Peptide Complex

Power RE Activatorthe two-in-one retinol and antioxidant miracle worker.

But, what to do about inflammaging damage that’s already been done? For that, the skin needs extra help to kick-start its self-healing processes. DNA repairing serums can restore those functions without a bother. And these show results in a flash:

DNA Total Repair, the dynamo serum with triple the DNA repairing power.

Advanced HA, the ultimate serum with moisture-binding hyaluronic acid.  

Dual Matrix, Retinol and DNA repair in one brilliant formula.