November Is Healthy Skin Month!

Happy Healthy Skin Month! We've created a list of our top tips to achieving and maintaining healthy skin.  Let us define what it is first so we can understand what it is we are trying to achieve!

What is healthy skin?

  • Full, firm, and tight with contour.
  • Even in color, tone and texture.
  • Hydrated!
  • Free of clinical diseases.
  • A healthy barrier function that is tolerant and strong.

How do we achieve it?

  • See your local aesthetician (you can find one here) for a skin health analysis and get recommendations for your specific needs and concerns.
  • Receive an in-office procedure/treatment every 4-6 weeks.
  • Cleanse twice a day AM/PM: It is not just about makeup. But also, about removing all the oil, sweat, dirt and environmental debris that accumulates throughout the day and evening.
  • Yes, your face gets dirty while you sleep!
  • Exfoliate (physical or chemical) 2-7 days a week depending on your oil production.
  • It is always easier to prevent than to correct: Start using a retinol product for more youthful firm, even skin tone. 
  • SPF EVERYDAY – even if it’s raining, snowing or cloudy!
  • To maintain the SPF level, be sure to reapply every 80 minutes of exposure.