There's a Treatment For That!

You've Asked, We've Answered! Here are some of our recommendations for your most asked questions. 

Q: “Help! My daily routine is just not enough. What have you got to give me the extra boost I need?”
A: Our At-Home Treatment products give you that boost when and where you need it. And your skin care professional can give you an extra boost.
    Q: “My skin looks dull.”
    A: INTENSIVE RETINOL SPRAY WITH AHA + BHA: Concentrated leave-on exfoliant gently peels back accumulated dullness, visible photo damage and loss of elasticity and actively improves the appearance of texture, luminosity, firmness and elasticity.
      Q: “I’m occasionally prone to breakout.”
      A: SERIOUS REVEAL EXFOLIATOR [20% Glycolic]: Re-surfacing exfoliator clears away dead cells and with it uneven skin texture, appearance of pores, wrinkles and fine lines, and discolorations. Excellent for spot-treating blemishes, as well.