Your Decision to Invest in Professional Skincare is Right On.

Ideas, thoughts and advice are fired at us at an astonishing rate – from doctors, skin care professionals and aestheticians telling you this, then that; YouTubers, TikTok-ers and bloggers with ideas of their own, it’s a wonder that decisions are made at all.

But worry not, while mass market skincare has changed over the years,  professional skin care is still light years ahead of OTC products. The FDA divides products into two categories: pharmaceutical and cosmetic. In the world of aesthetics, we divide the FDA’s cosmetic category into two additional categories: OTC and professional. Both categories must follow the same basic FDA guidelines for consumer grade standards, but clinical lines are formulated on premise that the consumer will be advised and mentored by a skincare professional or licensed aesthetician.

Beyond that, there are significant differences that set the bar higher for clinical skincare in general but NEOVA specifically.

We Manufacturer in Our Own Lab and Do it in Small Batches

That’s a major point of departure since mass (OTC) products are made in large batches and mass produced with an OTC quality standard. We maintain ingredient integrity by producing in small batches, under the watchful eyes of trained NEOVA staff whose interest is as professional as it is personal.

Our Formulations Incorporate High Concentrations of Active Ingredients

Because most OTC brands depend on consumers to "self-diagnose", they use less active ingredients to minimize liability and use large amount of fillers and preservatives. We use higher levels of actives because we depend on trained or licensed professionals to recommend and advise.

Our packaging is smaller in size because with higher concentrations of active ingredients and fewer preservatives, product integrity is best conserved in tighter quarters.

We Formulate with Small Molecules  

Why that’s so important: when products lack precise engineering, large molecular ingredients are often substituted because they are less expensive, easy to integrate and make up volume; but they can’t properly penetrate the skin and only treat superficially and temporarily. That may give an illusion of efficacy but that’s all it is.

We use small-molecular technology, so penetration is guaranteed -- skin not only looks better but clinically. The research and development is an investment but results are proven and are reliably repetitive. 

Every NEOVA Product is pH balanced

It may be passed over by mass brands but we’re fanatical about it because skin functions at its prime when the natural pH is in perfect balance and the barrier fortified to fight off bacteria, free radical and environmental damage.

Professional Skincare is not Expensive, it’s Investment Worthy

Research, development and clinical testing come with costs but each works to bring the best to skin’s health and its future --- that’s a reality, not a hope.