Non-Ablative Tx System

With Copper Peptide Complex®

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Non-Ablative Tx System accelerates treatment recovery and maximizes visible results when used with a NEOVA Broad Spectrum SPF following Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Superficial chemical peels, IPL, BBL, Non-ablative laser, Laser hair removal, Thermage, RF Procedures, Light RF Microneedling, LEF Infra-red. 

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    All skin types, including the sensitive, especially post-procedure.


    • Key Ingredient, Bis [Tripeptide-1] Copper Acetate [GHK-Cu] works from the inside out and puts stressed skin on a fast track to recovery.
    • Complete 3-Step System of Copper Peptide Complex® products:

    • Cu3 formulas support optimal skin recovery and decrease downtime for post-procedure skin. A strong body of evidence shows that if skin is treated with copper peptides within two hours after the procedure, post-treatment redness and inflammation are avoided without the use of corticosteroids. Skin rebuilding is hastened while scars and infections are greatly lessened.

    Complete Clinical Study


    STEP 1. Cleanse with Cu3 GENTLE CLEANSER and rinse.
    STEP 2. [a.m. & p.m.] Liberally spray affected area with Cu3 RECOVERY SPRAY
    STEP 3. [a.m. & p.m.] Cu3 TISSUE REPAIR or optionally, Cu3 RECOVERY LOTION 

    NOTE: Daily use of a Broad Spectrum SPF from NEOVA DNA Damage Control is always recommended after step 3.  

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