12 dermatologist-approved skin care products for eczema relief

Much like rosacea, eczema can wreak havoc on your skin at the most inconvenient times. If you're sick of unexpected flareups and want to get control of your eczema once and for all, a consistent skin care routine is key.

Whether you're looking for a gentle face wash to cleanse irritated skin or a soothing lotion to take on redness and itchiness, these are just a few of the products top dermatologists swear by to tackle some of eczema's trickiest symptoms.

NEOVA Cu3 Lip Repair

Much like facial and body skin, lips can also experience eczema flareups and get dry, red and scaly. Linkner swears by this restorative balm that's formulated with a Copper Peptide Complex.

"The copper antioxidant capacity of this product works to repair skin's broken down barrier fast. It's my favorite for patients who are prone to dry, peeling lips that crack at the corners," Linkner said.

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