A Rehab for Dull, Dry and Lifeless Hair. Really.

A few pearl-clutching facts: strong, shiny hair is good, split ends are an absolute no and dry, dull hair is a calamity. The causes are many -- heat styling tools, product films, over-washing, sun, pollutants – but most of the time it’s more to do with your bad hair habits than anything else. And that can be fixed with minimum effort.

Let’s start with the fixes: moisture and protein. And you’ll know at once if they’re your cause:

Hair that protein or moisture derived has lost its elasticity.

The moisturizer ingredients we favor the most are the ones that penetrate the hair shaft, flood it with moisture and form a protective layer on the hair, which help lock moisture in. For that, there’s Glycerin which actually draws moisture in and Panthenol (Vitamin B5) which retains it in Tricomin Clinical Densifying Shampoo, Reinforcing Conditioner and Energy Spray.

Our protein ingredients come in the form of hydrolyzed proteins from plant sources like rice and quinoa Hydrolyzed means that the proteins are broken down so they dissolve in water. These proteins cling to the hair, helping to temporarily repair areas of damage. As a result, hair feels and looks healthier and stronger. 

Moving on to other fixes, we recommend

- Silk Pillowcases to minimize pulling and tugging of the strands.

- Changing out a rinse-off for leave-in conditioner – like Tricomin Energy Spray – because the fix for hydrating hair is to trap moisture and traditional rinse-off conditioners don’t have long to act…  in the end, most of rinse-off ingredients go right down the drain.

- Keeping Away from dry shampoos because their fine powders diminish your hair's reflective powers. On top of that, there's the massive lack of hydration because moisture isn’t getting into the hair shaft with conditioner.