Skin’s Memory of the Summer is Likely Different than Yours

Whether you slacked on sunscreen or not over the summer, acquired sun damage has undoubtedly been logged --- while it’s better for skin not to have to deal with it all, it happens all the same. 

The tricky part about sun damage is that you can’t always see it in a way that you can see. In some cases, your skin might even look healthy --- but a visit to the dermatologist, may show otherwise. That’s because many signs of sun damage take a good long while to surface because the depth of UV rays damage is at the cellular level.  

While this isn’t the best news, there’s no reason for alarm if you take care and swap the damage out before it becomes permanent.

Astonishing DNA Repair

Correcting those after-effects of UV exposure, which are both visible and invisible to the naked eye, begins with the power of DNA Total Repair, with its 3 repair enzymes to transform the damage by first identifying it, then removing it, and finally replacing it at the source. So head-turning is the reliability of the technology, that 3 researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for showing just how and why it works.

Brilliant Retinol

The star re-texturizer and gold standard correcting star, works first by attaching itself to a cell's receptor site and then alter the way that the cell functions --- essentially instructing it telling it to perform optimally. Put it together with DNA repair technology, as it is in Dual Matrix and skin texture is improved by 50%. 

Sunscreens So Smart, They’re Genius

Seriously… SilcSheer 2.0, SPF 40 and Everyday SPF 44 protect and reduce damage by 45% in 1 hour with high-performance physical UVA/UVB protection, DNA repair enzymes that and super antioxidants to fight off the signs of free-radical damage.