ACNE Has An Attraction For Skin of All Ages.

While acne plagues teens and adolescents, it’s not uncommon to have it stick around throughout life.

And here’s another piece of unnerving news: adult women are more susceptible than men in all age groups -- even after the age of 50.

It’s called Adult Female Acne (AFA) and is defined as one that affects women over the age of 25 and may persist continuously or intermittently from adolescence.

But it wasn’t until 1997 that AFA gained any meaningful attention. And not until 2015 that a published study, Treatment of adult female acne: a new challenge, revealed that 76% of patients in the study were women with a mean age of 35.5 years. Most of the cases were from persistent acne and only 18.4% of females had late acne, starting after 25 years, confirming that persistent acne is more common than acne beginning in adulthood.

Then, a new acne type came to light. Known as recurrent acne, it’s defined as one present in adolescence, improves for a variable period of time, and returns in adulthood.

The causes of AFA are not completely understood but it is thought that its onset involves a complex interaction between genetic predisposition; specific hormone stimulation that triggers an increase in sebaceous secretion, a disorder of cells lining hair follicles which clump and are unable shed normally onto the skin's surface and/or inflammation of skin glands. The last being one of the most likely causes.

But there’s more, like exposure to ultraviolet radiation, stress, bacterial congregation and/or a compromised skin barrier, and its characteristic inability to stop transepidermal water loss [TEWL] –  a major suspect for setting off an inflammatory cascade of events central to the onset of acne.

So, as you can imagine, AFA is a therapeutic challenge – its triggers are multiple, it has a particular tendency to relapse and is slow in response even with aggressive intervention, which presents its own set of challenges. Not something we’re fans of…especially when there are highly effective options for treating AFA and for maintenance treatment. We’re talking about PreJuvenation with its high tolerability, efficacy and compliance, outstanding outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

A New Approach to AFA Treatment combines Preventive and Rejuvenative therapies in a single dose. Instead of attacking the inflammatory lesions, pustules, comedones or microcysts on the skin’s surface, PreJuvenation fights them from below where the trouble is trapped.

Precisely engineered and invented after years of investigational research, PreJuvenation handles the typical evolution of AFA, with frequent relapses, in all its stages, including maintenance. The therapeutic core ingredients are each directed against two or more of the fundamental triggers in cases of mild to moderate intensities:

Retinol + Retinol Derivatives

Topical retinoids are recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) for the treatment and management of acne, based on strong levels of evidence from well controlled clinical trials.

All Prejuvenation formulas are compounded with either pure retinol or HPR [Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate] to neutralize free radical damage, control inflammatory and pigmentary responses. 

Natural 5 AHA Blend

A highly concentrated blend of five botanical extracts -- bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon -- outpaces standard individual acid levels in customary formulas, with Lactic Acid in a Range of 28-32%, Glycolic Acid in a Range of 12-17%, Citric Acid at 2-6% and Malic and Tartaric Acids at 1%. It all adds up to uniform exfoliation and cell shedding in pore linings.

Beta Hydroxy Acid [Salicylic]

Breaks down the bonds holding dead, congested cells together, power cleans pores, reduces melanosome clustering and epidermal pigmentation.

The PreJuvenation treatment for AFA has excellent response and an uncommon relapse rate with continued use  – all without sensitivity because its pH levels are consistent and balanced.

Cleansing with Microfoliant Cleanser, twice a day, is a breeze. Salicylic acid, retinol and botanical extracts dissolve buildup and push cell turnover without disrupting skin’s delicate pH balance or stripping moisture levels to exfoliate, clear pores, refine texture and promote clarity.

Treating with Cell Renewal, a power serum, controls inflammatory responses, resurfaces and reduces the damaging signs of oxidative stress.

Quick Fixing with 5-Second Daily Peel mobilizes a full range of active ingredients to restrict inflammatory responses, refill hydration levels and turn up exfoliation.

Hydrating with Multi-Active Day Cream, a perfected cross-bred formula of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, retinol, green tea and botanical extracts improves barrier microrelief with pronounced moisturizing and reduces irritation and redness.

Correcting with Overnight Repair, a blended multi-acid complex base with retinol, bilberry extract, sunflower seed oil and vitamin C and E exfoliates, strengthens skin’s barrier defense against the impact of environmental injuries and relieves inflammation.

Restoring with 15-Minute Reset Mask works skin layer by layer like hyper-efficient agent to rapidly resurface and sweep away dullness, upregulate nutrients to maintain elasticity and suppleness, including vital oil-moisture balance and control redness.

For the most part, dermatologists recommend limiting products for AFA those that are synergistically intended to deflect skin irritation and potentially block pores. They tell their patients to keep in mind that "no acne treatment works immediately or overnight," but how does 3 weeks flat sound to you? The Proven Results are here.