All About Glycolic

Imagine jumpstarting repair and peeling away the past. Actually giving skin a Second Chance. 90% is the percent of sun damaged cells cleaned up significantly with Active Glycolic Treatments.*
If you haven’t been using Glycolics, you’re missing out. 
Its tiny molecular structure allows it to quickly penetrate the skin and accelerate the body’s natural exfoliation (excellent for cell turnover!) by helping to weaken the bonding properties that hold dead, superfluous cells together. What’s more, it’s now being studied for a secondary benefit: undoing sun damage which could lead to skin cancer.
Researchers have shown that since most photodamage occurs in the superficial layers of the skin, superficial chemical exfoliation aids in reversing the effects of sun damage to those cells.*
Once you experience the exhilarating effects of Reveal Exfoliator [20% Glycolic] and Serious Glypeel, you’ll never want to be without them again.
* Stanford University, Positive Link Between Chemical Peels and Skin Cancer, 2011