Sun Damage Isn’t Just Skin Deep.

It goes right to skin's DNA and disrupts natural cell repair. That’s serious and a problem that scientific discoveries show is more dangerous than previously believed.

Here’s why…

Essentially, the sun’s rays can make cell replication go haywire.

Shocking as it may be, we are highly unoriginal beings. Every cell in our body is a copy of a copy, the product of billions of replications our DNA has been through in the making of what we are. 

All that copying relies on a dicey, error-filled process that—along with damage from things like ultraviolet light and environmental pollutants — puts skin at risk for premature aging and cancer. So the questions are: why aren’t we more of a mess? And why don’t we suffer skin cancer far more than we do, which in America already occurs in one-in-five people?

Because cells have a molecular tool-kit to patch the damage up.

Every time cells divide, DNA strands unwind, create new copies of themselves, and then re-wind in pairs. Many of those replicants are lethally defective but, thanks to 3 repair enzymes, cells get the help they need. One helps cells protect themselves during the normal cell cycle by snapping off damaged bits of the new DNA strand and sending them on their way.

Another, repairs mismatched DNA base pairs and almost a thousand other types of their errors. 

And the third repairs sun-damaged cells almost instantaneously. Our DNA is under constant attack. Ultra-violet light – even everyday cell replication – can dent our genetic code. 

The fixer enzymes that we are equipped with are responsible for correcting the errors flag any problems they find and call on other enzymes to pitch in. Because DNA takes all these knocks from the environment constantly, the jolts buildup and after decades of damage and response cycles, the body and the enzymes’ work can be a bit frazzled. Rebuilding their stamina is called for and it comes in the form of NEOVA encapsulated DNA repair enzymes delivered right the site of DNA damage.

But there is this: You can change the course of sun damage. 

Using a broad-spectrum treatment sunscreen daily is non-negotiable. Unlike conventional sunscreen, it protects the skin from the stresses caused by both UVA and UVB penetration, allowing the skin to focus on its normal job of cell repair and regeneration.

It also slows the breakdown of collagen and elastin caused by UVA rays and the solar scars they leave behind, like wrinkles and laxity. And most importantly, it provides booster supplies of DNA repair enzymes and mega antioxidants, like those in best-selling NEOVA DNA Damage Control Sunscreens, that help neutralize free radicals and prevent DNA damage brought on by UVB rays by amping up the cell's natural repair process to reverse DNA damage.

Clearly, we have much to thank our scientists -- and our cells’ repair mechanisms! -- for. Step up now, return the favor, protect your skin and protect your DNA.