Get. Give. Glow.

Photo via @TaraTurnure
It's officially the holidays! But is your skin showing some serious shocks of sleep deprivation, and stress of the season? Looking to get your radiance back?
Start with exfoliation. It’s the number one cause of the dullness thanks to the buildup of dead skin, which makes products difficult to absorb and penetrate to do their work. Age interferes with the speed and efficiency of cell renewal so the need for more regular exfoliation (plus hydration!) is what’s called for to beat and prevent dullness. 
Keep the action going with Retinol, which speeds cell turnover.
Then- turn to a serum, especially one that cocktails power ingredients like retinol and an antioxidant to get protections and treatments in one go.
Finish with drenching moisture and an SPF for results that are outstanding.