Skincare Resolutions

Admittedly, we’re skincare junkies at NEOVA taking our routines seriously. We know a thing or two about fresh starts and just as much about how easy they are to stick to IF they are broken down into easy, logical and manageable steps. So here we go!

1. Apply sunscreen everyday even when it is overcast. No matter what.

2. Take to the basics and stick with them: Exfoliate once or twice weekly with an AHA (like glycolic), cleanse thoroughly with a pH balanced cleanser so there’s no need for a toner, repair with a serum, then moisturize faithfully -- ones that are cocktailed to deliver powerful ingredients on multiple levels are stars. Invest and experiment with advanced ingredients shown to make a difference, statistically and scientifically.

3. Book a yearly skin check with your dermatologist. Skin cancer is treatable and curable when detected early. Perform monthly self-exams and keep an eye out for suspicious looking moles and other irregularities.

4. Stick with the program. Waiting for a new skin product or ingredient to show results can be a test of patience. A worthy one can take up 6-8 weeks (NEOVA can do it in 4), so don't give up.