It’s Not Your Imagination. Your Hair May be Suffering too.

Oh what a year it was -- unprecedented levels of anxiety brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, lapsed hair routines and pony tails the style of choice. So now as we look back on a year that’s unlike any other, we’re hearing from dermatologists that hair loss and thinning hair patients have been ticking up for months.

They’re saying things like “I’m pulling out handfuls in the shower… I can’t comb my hair without seeing clumps caught in the clumps …. My pillow is covered in hair, my clothes and my bathroom are too”

None of this is unique but when it happens to us, it is for sure. First, rest a bit easier knowing that it is likely a temporary hair loss from excessive shedding due to a stress shock to the system. Medically it’s called telogen effluvium and it’s a consequence of major physical or emotional stressors. When confronted with them, the body eventually responds by pushing more hairs than usual into the telogen, or resting phase of the hair cycle, and that signals follicles to stop growing strands, idle for a while and then the fall out all at the same time… sometimes at a double or triple alarming rate of “normal”.

We’re not suggesting that you sit the shedding episode out and wait for it to pass. Dermatologists say the way to manage the physical distress and the emotional upset of telogen effluvium is with diligent use of products that are kind to scalp and to the new, fragile strands as they emerge – most also favor shampoos and leave-in conditioners that prompt increased microcirculation and decreased inflammation.

While these are known as “short-contact” products, we know from dozens of published studies that copper peptides, like those in Tricomin Clinical, have been shown to produce both protective and rehabilitative results. Use Tricomin Clinical Densifying Shampoo, Reinforcing Conditioner and Energy Spray as your go-to’s and results are sure to follow.