What Are Ceramides?

For something as important to the skin as ceramides are, they’re better known by name than by function. So, let’s start with understanding they are naturally produced by the skin. Known as lipids, ceramides are the skin’s natural fats and make up about 50% of skin’s uppermost layer with basically a crucial job to do: seal in moisture.

So, exactly what do they do?  For starters, they help form a waterproof seal on the skin’s surface, keeping skin cells together to create a shield which in turn  prevents hydration loss, keeps skin barrier in top form, and boosts natural dynamic repair.

Well, if they’re produced naturally, why do you need more? Like so many other facts of life, the skin’s ability to produce and strike the right balance of ceramides decreases with age, though it can happen at any time, especially from sun damage.  But we’re happy to say, it’s possible to significantly restore diminished reserves with topical formulas.

All of this is proven and, given the amazing ability of ceramides to help skin bounce back, we use a blend of the best known, skin-identical ceramides: Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP and Ceramide EOP together account for about 30% of the total natural ceramide pool in the uppermost layer of skin and all strengthen the skin barrier function, keeping irritants out and moisture in.

    We like them too for the way they improve skin tone and texture and take care of the signs of sensitivity which is why we use our 3-ceramide blend in our: 

    1. Advanced HA
    2. Creme de la Copper
    3. Illuminating Eye Serum​
    4. Night Therapy
    5. Ultimate Redness Relief

    One last thing, because the ceramides we use are identical to the naturally produced ones, skin treats them as their own and puts them to work at once. Great news too: they’re suitable for all skin types and since they’re non-sensitizing and non-irritating, they’re perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes.