Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes. No One Wants Them.

Even though they’re not serious, they bother us and, we can tell you, concealer is not the answer. Before, we get into what is the answer, let’s talk a bit about what we’re dealing with.

Dark Circles have a lot to do with skin tone – the lighter, the greater chance you’ll have them. Under-eye skin is delicate, fragile, thin and translucent so capillaries beneath it show through, making skin appear to look purple or bluish. Sleep deprivation, stress and a good cry increases blood vessel congestion which causes fluid to build-up or pool in those superficial blood vessels and there you have it: dark circles.

Puffy eyes are mostly temporary and usually worse in the morning. That’s because they’re mostly caused by swelling from too much salt or alcohol. Both cause dehydration and the body responds by retaining and preserving water. The good thing is that as the day goes on, accumulated fluid drains and with the help of gravity, puffiness recedes.

So what’s a girl to do? Reach for a serum that can manage both issues from the inside out, like our Illuminating Eye Serum. Long-term, it works on inflammation, prompts lymphatic circulation and relaxes capillaries so they open and flow smoothly. And, instantly gratifying is the way Illuminating Eye’s light-diffusing spheres blur darkness.

All that and a cooling applicator to support those hard-working ingredients by gently distributing lymphatic build-up, helping it drain from underneath the eyes and tamping down the inflammation.

Better yet, it is Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested so even the most sensitive haven’t a worry.