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This Is How To Exfoliate Your Face And Body

Dermatologists reveal the ways to give your skin some slough love.

I'll be honest. I'm an over-exfoliator. In my defense, it’s an easy thing to go overboard on. There’s something so satisfying about buffing your face like a shiny sports car, and the benefits—unclogged pores, diminished fine lines, a baby-soft complexion—are undeniable.

But you’re not just going at your face, legs, feet, lips etc, with a sandblaster—there’s art to this, people. So before your next scrub sesh, check out these dermatologist’s tips how exactly to exfoliate your face and body without harming your skin. Spoiler: It starts with a good product.

Great Exfoliating Products for Your Face:

Serious Glypeel Peel-off Mask - This is an intensive weekly exfoliator.

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