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The Science of DNA CoFactor

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NEOVA’s medically-acclaimed DNA CoFactor products boost the skin’s repair-and-and skin protection levels to dramatically reduce the appearance of photoaging and improve overall skin appearance.




Award-Winning DNA Repair Technology


The 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to three pioneering scientists who have shown how several DNA repair systems function to repair damaged DNA. The same DNA repair science that won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry is used in NEOVA groundbreaking formulas.  Now that’s SmartScience, with the most advanced technology available.



Advanced Technologies Call for Advanced Delivery System

Scientific studies have demonstrated that DNA repair and copper play fundamental roles in skin health. Without advanced delivery systems, vital nutrients, proteins and enzymes are unable to reach their destination and revitalize the appearance of skin. NEOVA products defend against the signs of skin DNA damage with the newest therapies and most powerful delivery systems available:

DNA Repair Enzymes

Activation of the skin’s DNA repair process is delivered through liposome-encapsulated DNA repair enzymes to the site of the skin’s DNA damage.

Copper Peptide Complex®

Copper Peptide Complex, a protective delivery system that allows the body to recognize and accept copper into the cells and restore skin health.